Survey Says...Don't Write Back

My gym emailed me twice asking me to take a "3-4 minute survey." I complied on the second time, I must have needed a break from work. (It's sad what qualifies as a break.) It was your basic survey loaded with checkboxes asking just how strongly you agreed with statements like, "I hit all my fitness goals," or "The locker room is very clean and well-stocked." There was one open-response field that asked if you had any feedback for club management, and you know what? I did. I wrote them a short note saying that they should turn the music down. It made me feel old to complain about loud music, but I listen to my own stuff on my headphones and I have to turn it up to 11 to drown out their cluby dance music. I don't know why I always assume these kinds of surveys are anonymous (they never are), but I got an email back from the gym manager. I expected a formulaic, "Thanks for your feedback," but instead he told me that the "club complies with OSHA standards on volume" (so do airports, but it doesn't mean I want to workout there) and that he's "never had an issue" listening to music on his own headphones. So, my new feedback to Equinox is this: When you ask for feedback, take it or ignore it. Don't write the person back and tell them why they're wrong.

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