Tipping is Customary

I tip servers 20%. I used to tip cab drives about 15%, but now that the minimum preset tip when you use a credit card is 20%, those guys all get 20% too. I tip bartenders a dollar per drink, and I'll tip the barista if I get anything besides brewed coffee. But the one group of people I don't know how much to tip are the guys who deliver your Christmas tree. Every year it's the same thing: I overpay on the street corner for a tree cut down three weeks ago in North Carolina and delivered to New York a week ago, and then I walk the delivery guys home, help them set it up, and then I give them...$5 each? Is that too much, way too little? I have no idea. Whenever I go to someone's house, I always ask where they got their tree, how much they paid, and how much they tipped the guys who delivered it. I know it's rude, but I'm desperate for help on this one. It's crazy to me that I gave someone $10 for carry a tree a half-block. Next year I'm either going to carry it home by myself, or I'm going to give the guys a six-pack and tell them they can drink it on my couch before they go back to work.

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