The Best of Facebook Friends

I have two rules when it comes to Facebook: 1. I will not accept a friend request from your dog; and 2. I will unfriend you if you post an ultrasound picture. Besides that it's fair game. Post as many political things or photos/videos of yourself shooting guns as you like. In fact, I love the weird stuff, and even more, the stuff that I think is idiotic or ignorant. For awhile there, I was only friends, and I use the word "friend" only in the context of Facebook, with like-minded people. It turned into an echo chamber. Now, and I'm not sure how, I'm friends with a lot of like-minded people, and also a few huge morons. You know the type: They post quotes from Bill O'Reilly and photos of people doing yoga in Times Square with the caption, "The terrorists have taken over Times Square. This image is not Photoshopped. Please share." I spend the bulk of my Facebook time poring through these peoples' profiles, trying to learn their ways. It's a window into the thinking of someone free from the constraints of logic; it's a view into the homes of the people who have Fox News on 24 hours.

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