Tiny Bike Derby

Rain was coming down in sheets with wind gusts in the 20mph range this morning, so I put on my waterproof backpack, rain pants, jacket, and huge hiking boots for the ride to work. I couldn't find my helmet, which was when I remembered it was at work. I left it hanging on my bike's handlebars in the bike room in my office. That's when I remembered I'd left my bike at work. So, my options: 1. The subway (too crowded, plus I didn't have an umbrella and was dressed like a rain suit ninja); 2. Walk (it would take about 40 minutes and I'd have to spend all that time looking like an idiot); 3. Ride my wife's tiny bike to work in 15 minutes (Of course I went with this option. Even though I looked like an adult on a kids' bike, at least I only looked like that for 15 minutes). Plus, if anyone saw me, unless they really knew me, they'd never believe I'd be riding around in a huge rainstorm on a tiny bike.

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