I'm not sure if the reason I don’t order food to be delivered when it’s raining is because I feel bad for the delivery biker or because I’m cheap and don’t want to give him an extra large tip. Either way, I hope they make a ton in tips on rainy days. Which makes me wonder: Do they like it when it rains, or do they hate it when it rains? Maybe it’s one of those love-hate things, there are plenty of them in this town. It’s tough to love a thing or place here, because if you love it, then 100,000 other people love it too. That new band you thought you’d check out? The tickets are selling for 5x face value on Craigslist. Love Trader Joe’s prices and polite service? So do the 20 people in line waiting for the store to open. And trust me, when you're waiting in line for a grocery store to open, even if it's only a 10 minute wait, that's more than enough time to make a list of the things you love-hate.

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