The Bike Caper

I locked my bike in front of work one day last month since I was sneaking out early and didn't want to walk it through the lobby at 4pm when everyone was still working. I made it about halfway home before a cab started creeping into the bike lane and I went to crank on my bell only to come up empty. The cab driver must have heard me laugh when I realized my bell had been stolen because he swerved out of the bike lane. Not a big deal. The bell was free -- a gift from NY DOT. Then, a few weeks later when it started getting dark at 5pm, I went to snap my bike light onto my handlebar, and that's when I realized the person had also stolen my light bracket. I don't know what bike bells and bike light brackets are going for on the black market, but I'd be interested in finding out what else is being sold there.

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