Security Measures

A few years back I hung the TV in my living room by drilling half-inch holes clean through the wall and attaching the thing with four six-inch-long machine bolts. I may have overdone it. A few weeks ago I decided to take out the original machine bolts, patch the holes on the other side of the wall like an adult, and hang my TV with conventional screws that need not punch into my bedroom. The 15-minute project began with a 20-minute hunt for the correct tool: A 5mm allen key that had a hole in the center. Years ago I'd used this strange, one-off tool to affix a bar over the back of my TV locking it into place, I thought at the time in case their was an earthquake that shook my apartment so violently up and down that the TV popped off the wall. My friend informed me that it was not an earthquake bar, but a security measure used under normal circumstances in cheap hotels, prisons, and hospitals. At least my TV hasn't been stolen by any of my shady houseguests yet.

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