Welcome To Underwater Spin Class

Underwater spin classes are a thing. There's a studio in SoHo that has a bunch of bikes in a pool. The water's supposed to come up to about your neck, and you pedal away in your swimsuit while someone shouts instructions at you and your classmates. There are a few things that came to mind when I heard about this: 1. What happens when a really short person joins the spin class? Do they get a snorkel if their head doesn't stick out of the water? 2. What happens to everyone's sweat? That's more of a rhetorical question. We all know that this pool's liquid is about half sweat at any given times. They must buy chlorine by the barrel at this place. No matter how thirsty you get, don't drink the pool water. And finally, 3. What will the headline of the NY Post be if the spin instructor's stereo falls into the pool and electrocutes everyone in the class? Shocking Cardio Workout Kills 12, or Spin Fad To Die For.

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