New York Sketches: Drop Off Service

This is the best bar in New York, which has to mean it's short-listed for best bar in the world. But the truth is, it used to be better. A couple years back Mayor Mike rolled out a law that required all bars and restaurants in the city to hang letter grades of their health inspections in the window. An 'A' means it's safe to eat there, a 'B' means there's a chance of rat droppings in your food, an a 'C' indicates that the place will be out of business in a few weeks. Great idea, right? Well, along with the letter grades came health inspectors and surprise health inspections, and it turns out that letting dogs run around inside of your establishment can lead to low scores and high fines. An unintended consequence of the grades is that all the dog bars are now strictly people bars. Half the reason I got a dog was so that I wouldn't have to hangout in the bar by myself in the afternoon.

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