Voting Day (Was Yesterday)

I went to vote in the gubernatorial primary today, which is a sentence I never thought I'd say, only because I'm rather aloof to the electoral process, not because I think it's lame. The polling place is right next to my building, so I thought I'd swing by while walking the dog. Otis and I walked into the room and I asked the lady, "Is it okay if I bring my dog?" She looked at me for a moment, then at the dog, and said, "I can't allow that." He does not look like a service animal. So I said, "Is there a line?" She said, no, and then I asked, "So the no dogs thing, is that like a state law or just a rule at this one place?" We went back and forth a few times where she answered my question with her own questions. Her's were things like "why?" and "what?" and "why?" again. Then Otis and I left. I suspect that she didn't give me a real answer because she didn't want to give me an opening for writing to the electoral board, or maybe she didn't want to see her photo on the front page of the New York Post with a headline that said "Dog-enfranchised Voters in Stuy Town."

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