Times Square is Up

Times Square is a nightmare. A bright, loud, overpriced, gaudy nightmare in 4K Technicolor. I understand why tourists want to go. It's a landmark, much in the same way the first TGI Friday is probably considered a landmark by some people. Sure, there are way better local restaurants, but this TFI Fridays is the original! I read in the paper last week that alongside the knock-off Elmos and Cookie Monsters there are now fake Buddhist monks aggressively soliciting cash from tourists. I have to say, well played. Why there are no Franciscan monks or Amish people is now a great mystery to me. I suppose the fake Buddhist gig is more appealing to some people since it's easy to pull off without speaking any English, just like Elmo and Cookie. So, if you see the monks, give them a thumbs up, but no money. And try not to be rude just in case a monk visiting us from Angkor Wat is under the impression that Times Square is the place to hang out.

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