Doctor Diploma

With my arms swollen like Popeye after an allergic reaction to a spray-on sunscreen, I made my way to the minute clinic for some assistance. My choice of minute clinic is the one located in the back of a Duane Reade by Union Square. Their waiting room is in the store, so you get to sit around and wonder what infectious diseases everyone else is carrying around with their sundries. My appointment took all of five minutes, just long enough for her to look up an allergy cream on her iPhone and write me a prescription, but it left me plenty of time to judge her based on the decorations in her office. It wasn't the My Little Pony, a book from the "...for Dummies" catalog, or the fact that she'd missed a loop on her belt that did it — it was the University of St Thomas (and in smaller type) U.S. Virgin Islands diploma on the wall. If I were her, I'd take that down. As soon as people see the white coat they assume you're qualified. No need to make them second guess with your diploma.

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