The Death Pool

Getting out of a gym membership is murder. They make you tell them you two months in advance so they can milk you for another couple hundred dollars before releasing you. One of my old bosses told the gym that he was deploying to Iraq so he could get out of his gym contract early. He was a bit soft in the middle, not exactly the foot soldier type with this Buddy Holly glasses and herringbone cap, but they didn't question him. I suppose because it would be such a horrible thing to question that they assume no one would ever use it as a fake excuse. Like telling people your mom died so you could get out of work. He was the same boss who introduced me to the Death Pool. This is where everyone kicks in a few dollar and picks a celebrity they thing is going to die soon, and then whoever's choice dies first wins the pot. I participated once; I picked the guy Dick Cheney shot in the face. It felt a bit, I don't know, wrong I suppose. No more wrong than pretending to be a veteran to get out of your gym membership, but wrong all the same.

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