Protester-Stomping Boots

Danner is a heritage boot-making company based in Portland. Their handmade-in-the-USA Stumptown line is big among Japanese hipsters and, well, American hipsters. By all accounts their boots are high end, well-made products. One of the dirty secrets of the outdoor industry is that many of the hardgood manufactures have contracts with the military. So, that carabiner you're buying from the earthy climbing company, or the mountain biking hydration pack you just picked up? Those companies are supported by selling their gear to the military, in fact, I've heard at tradeshows over and over that if it weren't for military contracts many of the best known outdoor companies wouldn't be in business, or at least they'd be much, much smaller. But back to Danner. They support the military, which is great, and they also support law enforcement, which in this case is hilarious. The company that makes a hipster boot co-branded with a canvas supplied by a heritage American tent manufacturer also makes law enforcement boots called the Striker Torrent, Melee, and Patrol (that last one's not so bad). To be fair, they also make some law enforcement boots called Acadia and Tachyon, both of which have nothing to do with stomping protesters. You have to hand it to the team at Danner for not only playing to every side but doing it so transparently on their website.

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