Please Do Not Take This Survey

My gym Equinox sent me a "two-minute" survey via email last week and I took the minutes to fill it out. Since I work in online marketing I'm always interested in seeing what people are asking. There survey was standard: How do you rate the cleanliness/the service/the trainers/etc. I filled it out and wrote a note in the comments field that I wished they'd turn the music down, which made me feel really old for a moment, then I submitted it and forgot about it. Then on Saturday afternoon I received and email from the club manager. He's a guy I talk to once in a while. We know each other. He apologized. Said he was "truly sorry" I had not hit my fitness goals, and he offered to look into having the music turned down on one of the treadmill banks. So, I guess I checked the box in the survey that I hadn't hit my fitness goals, and I also guess that those surveys are as not anonymous as I've come to assume.

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