Human Training Class

One of my old coworkers would fly into rages about random, innocuous things and as she'd talk about them her voice would rise, beads of sweat would form on her brow, and she'd keep winding herself up until someone else said something. They were never things worthy of her anger. For example, once she started in on how people who own dogs stare at them while they poop on the street. She said she was okay with dogs going to the bathroom on the street, she's not crazy, but what she didn't understand was why every dog owner would stare at it coming out of their dog's butt like they were working a soft-serve in an ice cream truck. And the funny thing is, she's right. I never noticed it before, but dog owners do all stare at their dogs' behinds while they do their thing in the street. It's one of those things that you walk past every day and never see until someone points out, and then you can't help but see it everywhere. But now, after getting a dog that chews gum it finds on the street and is often sick as a consequence, I understand that people start staring at their dogs going to the bathroom when they're puppies since puppies are sick so much of the time, and then one day it's a habit. All of the sudden you've had a dog for 5 years and you're a guy who watches your dog go to the bathroom.

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