Venus Flytrap

As a child I went through a strange period where I obsessed over carnivorous plants. I wrote book reports on the pitcher plant, cut photos of the honeydew plant out of botany magazines, and when I saw that the grocery store was selling Venus flytraps, I convinced my parents to buy one more me, I suppose on the grounds that it was educational. As my motor skills at that age (or any age, really) prevented me from catching live flies to release in its biome, I took the advice of the grocery sales clerk and fed it bits of hamburger. The plant would close around them just fine, but each plant I bought would die within days of eating. In hindsight, cow is a little high on the food chain for plants, and also, it's very odd that in spite of the exhaustive research I conducted on carnivorous plants, I still would have thought it okay to feed them burgers.