The Best Happy Hour

I saw Gothamist’s headline “The 14 Best Happy Hours in NYC” and felt anxiety creep up my spine and radiate through my body. I clicked on the link, breathless, and scrolled through the list of bar names. My favorite local spot wasn’t on the list. I let out a bark of a laugh and looked around with the glow of relief. The last thing I need is my favorite bar in the city (great beer, 20oz pints, all $3 before 8pm) overrun with a bunch people who read blogs (not you guys, don’t worry). I’m sure there are some greater implications regarding the degree to which I worry about my favorite bar begin overrun, but it’s not something any of us need to think about too much.

(Also, just between us here, the best happy hour in town is at Drop Off Service, Ave A btwen 14th and 13th.)