Election Day

There were only two people in line before me at the polling place, a nice surprise since I was running a little late for work. Then the first person in line found out that someone had already voted using his name. The polling people asked him what they should do. He shouted, "You tell me! I'm just here to vote." No one said anything for a few minutes so he shouted it a few more times. All in, it only took about 10 minutes for them to sort it out. Then, the next person in line and I breezed through registration. We filled out our ballots next to each other, and I let her feed her ballot into the counter ballot box before me. I should have said something when I saw her fold it in half before jamming it into the machine. If you're wondering, it takes much longer than 10 minutes to find an election official who has the clearance that's required to open a ballot box to clear a jam. On my way out, one of the polling place workers asked me if I wanted an "I Voted" sticker. I said no, but before I was out the door I turned around to grab one just in case I needed a passive-aggressive way to tell people why I was so late for work.

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