Give it your all. Or not. Who knows?

I met a guy who was managing a restaurant, and he spent half the night complaining about how unmotivated and shiftless his employees were. He said that he understood that they all wanted to be actors/models/musicians and didn't care about being waiters, but that while they were working for him, they should give it their all. I agree with him, in theory. It makes sense to dedicate yourself to something if someone's paying you, but, let's be honest. A lot of these TGI Friday jobs are throwaways while you're chasing the dream, and if TGI Friday decides you don't get your nachos on the table fast enough and they have to let you go, while, then I'm sure Chile's is hiring down the street. Working hard...burning bridges, who's to say what's right (besides that guy I was talking about, he knows what's right).

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