What's in a Name?

I see some of the same people every few days. There's the guy at the Laundromat, the lady at the gym, the person who gets my coffee when I feel rich enough to spend $2 on a cup. These people? They all know my name. They get it off my credit card or gym membership card, and when I drop off shirts to get cleaned -- that guy even has my phone number memorized. I'd suggest he's some kind of human calculator, but it took him a year to get it right. My problem is that I have no idea what any of these people are named, and I have no subtle way to figure it out. I'm that guy who calls people "man" and "bud" because it's obvious to anyone paying attention that I have no idea what their name is. I was brainstorming possible solutions to this problem. One option is to change my name and put myself back on equal footing with these people, another is that I could ask them their names. I'm leaning towards the non-confrontational option.

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