The Wall of Tears

Does every country on earth have its own 'wall of tears'? I think they must. It's an important part of your national identity, though it's odd that I have no idea where ours is. I've heard of a few world-famous walls of tears, but then the other day I read about one in the Galapagos Islands. If there's a place that I would think could develop free from a wall of tears, it would be Galapagos, but apparently they had a prison there a long time ago and one of the walls still stands, hence their 'wall of tears.' I would think that walls are about the worst place you could find when you need to cry, but it would seem national monuments the world over disagree with me. Perhaps the next time we consider dedicating a wall of tears, we should instead pause, and create a giant beanbag chair of tears or down comforter of tears instead.

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