Dog Sitting

I was dog sitting for a friend recently. It's a little pocket dog that's too small to kill me in my sleep, so the worries are few when watching this kind of animal. There's actually a bar near my house that allows dogs, so I'd take it there for happy hour from time to time. It would just sit under my barstool trying to hide from other dogs, but I think she had fun. The worst part about dog watching is picking up dog poop and then carrying it around in a little plastic bag. Anyone else carrying around poop in a bag would be considered insane, but for some reason people think it's acceptable when you also have a dog on a lead. The only worse scenario is when the dog goes to the bathroom twice and you only brought one bag that you've already thrown away. Simply leaving it on the sidewalk for some unlucky person to step in is not an option, so you're forced to improvise, and improvisation and excrement are two things that should never have to go together.

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