Fixing Stoves

I worked as a 'ski tech' several years for a local outdoor shop mounting cross-country bindings onto skis, waxing skis and generally inhaling a lot of evaporated wax fumes. This was the Midwest during drought years so there was not a lot of work. Around the holidays it was feast time for me with loads of work, but then the rest of the winter was spent fixing old camping stoves to make extra cash. Fixing camp stoves is very easy since these things are engineered to be easy to field service, so most times I'd replace the jet and send the camper along. But my favorite and surprisingly consistent repair was the clogged stove with a funky smell. Way more people than you'd think try to run their camp stoves off citronella candle oil. It would be nice if it worked; you'd keep away all the mosquitoes and cook dinner at the same time.

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