Anti-Theft Planning

When I used to work at the gear shop I would sometimes have to carry an envelope of cash into the basement to drop it into a safe at the end of the night. Our safe was a garbage can full of cement with a slot just big enough for cash-stuffed envelopes. On top of the garbage can was another, smaller safe with a broken-off key sticking out of it and a scribbled note saying it was broken. I've never been able to decipher the exact logic, but I'm pretty sure that our shop's owner devised this as an anti-theft plan. If someone broke in after hours and even if they had inside knowledge, they would still need to not get hung up on the fake broken safe during their caper. Then again almost everything in our shop with the exception of the stereo was broken, so maybe he just never got around to fixing the safe and the broken one wasn't a decoy. And that's why his anti-theft plan was so effective.

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