Looking for a Place

I'm looking for a new place to live, which means that I've spent my lunch hours and time after working rushing around looking at apartment after apartment. I've worked with a few realtors. One of them kept showing me places that sounded amazing on paper and in really spectacular neighborhoods. Then we'd arrive and walk through it, and I'd find that it had a big bedroom, but lacked a living room. You went straight from the kitchen to the bedroom. Sure, it's a one-bedroom, but you could have told me that there's no living room. One them that sounded immensely promising looked great until I opened a pantry in the kitchen and found the shower. It's such an odd mentality for the realtor to show me that place--did he think I wouldn't notice? A shower in your kitchen is a pretty important fact, something you might want to put in the listing in the interest of not wasting everyone's time.

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