Entry-Level Job Hunt

There was a bit of a recession when I graduated from college, and entry-level jobs were hard to come by. I went on a lot of interviews and complained about how bad the economy was, and no one hired me. Interviews started getting a bit thinner, so I 'd go and talk to anyone who'd give me a callback. I remember telling my co-worker at the college newspaper that'd I'd just applied for a job selling office equipment. I didn't get an interview for that one, but I did get contacted for a sports marketing job with a vague online description. I borrowed a friend's car and followed my handwritten directions until they terminated in a sketchy part of town. I almost turned around, but I figured I'd bought a new shirt from the Gap for the occasion and already driven all the way out there, so I went in to see what happened. The interview ended with me taking my application off the guy's desk and tearing out my social security number and contact information. It turned out to be a pyramid scam that somehow turned handing stuff out at baseball parks into money. When the economy tanked again last year, I wished that I'd taken that job so that I could prey on college kids and somehow get them to make loads of money for me.

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