The Belligerent Guy

There used to be a belligerent guy at every college party who would make himself known the moment the police arrived. He was the one who'd yell at the campus police from the roof of your house and then loudly proclaim that they were powerless to stop him since he was on private property. He'd be the guy yelling to keep the doors locked when the police knocked on the door to issue a noise complaint. He'd yell, "Make 'em go back and get a warrant!" or "You can't touch me! I don't give you permission to search my friend's house!" The police would always come in and make everyone leave, then sometimes they'd give that guy a ticket. I found myself wondering today whatever happened to that guy that was at every party. My guess is that he became a lawyer, but did poorly in law school and now spends most of his time handling DUI cases. At least now he knows where he stands with the law.

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