TV Ratings

There's a TV rating organization that sends out surveys stuffed with a few dollar bills and a self-addressed-stamped-return envelope. They hope that you'll keep a journal of all the TV you watch over the next couple weeks and then send it to them. They don't ask you to return the money if you're uninterested in their project, they simply leave it out there to try and guilt you into doing their bidding. It seems logical to me that the only people who would return this filled-out survey would either be people who have a sense of moral duty to do something once they've accepted the meager payment or people who live with a lot of guilt. Either way, I'd bet that the TV ratings returned from this type of survey method are drastically flawed. People with a lot of guilt filing out these surveys are likely to blame for all the TV shows I hate that are still on the air. We'll see how they like living with that.

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