Suit Shopping Heaven

I buy a new suit on average of once every 30 years. So far, I've only bought one. I rarely need to wear them as very few of my friends are getting married or dying. I was in Florida awhile ago and stopped in a strip mall's used bookstore for some beach reading material. Next door was a thrift shop, so I popped in for a minute. Thrift shops are a great place to buy anything you need but hate to spend money on. I like them but try to avoid thrift shopping on vacation since if I buy too much I'll be forced to check a bag, which really defeats the purpose. This thrift shop was stacked with nice men's suits, and I asked the clerk why. He said that a lot of Florida's immense elderly population makes arrangements to donate all their clothes to thrift shops upon their death. My problem is that most of these old guys are pretty small, but if you're under 6 feet tall, Florida thrift shops are the best place in the world to shop for new suits.

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