Proximity Infatuation

I sat with a group of my peers at the purple table all year. It was a conventional table, except that we had a piece of purple construction paper in the middle of it. Perhaps designating the tables this way was my kindergarten teacher's plan to identify colorblind children. I'm currently Facebook friends with two of the people I sat with at the purple table. Sadly, I've lost touch with the other three. Of those, there's only one I remember: Stephanie Purple Table. It's not that I forgot her last name, but rather that I never knew it. We chose to identify her as Stephanie Purple Table among friends so that we wouldn't confuse her with the other Stephanie in our class. Stephanie was my first brush with proximity infatuation, though we never dated. If I ever run into her, I'm sure I'll enter her into my cell phone as Stephanie Purple Table.

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