Sprayed with Acid

Freshman year we were meeting some girls on the other side of campus who arrived late and angry. "We were sprayed with acid!" they shouted. "Whoa, whoa, this is going to be a good story," I thought. The two women were heading across the bridge when a guy on a bike with a water gun rolled past and blasted them with a shot. They said that it burned and there were afraid it was acid. I told them it was likely water, possibly urine, but definitely not acid. The most shocking thing about their story was that two adult women could jump to the conclusion that there were maniacs wheeling around on bikes carrying water guns loaded with acid. Where would someone get that acid, and why would they ride around campus on a bike toting a water gun full of it? In retrospect, it's more likely that it was loaded with some alcoholic concoction, and the cyclist was simply trying to do the women a favor since they were obviously walking to a party.

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