Hair Dryers and Saving the Environment

I've owned one hair dryer in my life. I found this hairdryer in a closet on the day we decided to hang plastic sheeting over our windows to cut down on cold drafts and save money on the heating bill. This is that sheeting you stretch over your windows and apply with two-sided tape and then blast with a hair dryer to tighten up. There's something so satisfying about using a hair dryer to take the wrinkles out of a big sheet of window-covering plastic. It's like waving a magic wand that makes all the little problems disappear. It's this kind of environment-saving that's so easy and rewarding to do. The only problem is that you have to cut holes in the sheeting to let smoke out when a pizza catches fire in the oven. In fact, it was in a pizza fire that we later lost the only hair dryer I'd ever owned. It was sitting on top of the oven and looked okay, but when we picked it up the barrel folded over like it was made from melted cheese. It's likely that melting hair dryers is bad for the environment, but I like to think we did some good anyway.

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