Literally Passing the Buck

Someone gave me a Susan B. Anthony coin with my change when I paid for lunch today. It's the original $1 coin, before they came out with the Sacajawea coin. The moment you get one of these coins you can't wait to pass if off to the next person. You can't really turn down a Susan B. Anthony coin since it seems so petty to argue over $1, and it's even harder if you work in retail since there's no space in the cash register for your $1 coins. I wish I could get behind the dollar coin since it lasts so much longer than the paper $1 bill. I'd like to see America go Euro-style and release $1 and $2 coins and then eliminate the paper dollar. I've heard people argue that this will never happen because women working in strip clubs rely on paper $1 bills for their income, but I don't buy that argument. First of all, the stripper lobby is not something very well organized in Washington, and I'm sure strip clubs could come up with some kind of voucher or ticket system, similar to the kind you see at state fairs. No, I think people oppose it on the grounds that they simply prefer to avoid change.

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