Combination Locks

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I got a new combination lock today, and my new combination is 17-26-30. I hate that you can't see the combination of the lock before you buy it. It's a total crapshoot whether you'll get one that's easy to memorize.  When I was trying to memorize my combination today, I must have triggered the "lock combination" center in my brain because I began remembering old combos. The best was during my 8th grade year when I had 3-5-35. That one was the high water mark of my combination locks; it's been downhill ever since. I lived with 26-12-34 for a whole year and only forgot that combination once, oddly after I'd been using the lock five days a week for about six months. I'm not a numbers person, so I have to invent things that will help me remember the sequence. For my 17-26-30 I use "ages of women I've slept with." It helps me remember even though it's not true.

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