Gay Bars


I've been to a couple gay bars in my life. One was called something like "The Monster" and it was in the West Village of New York. It was a little intense. They had gay porn playing on the TVs in that bar, and I was like, "Come on, we don't have straight porn playing on the TVs at our bars." I'm pretty sure Monster also only had two men's rooms, and I wasn't sure which to use so I waited until I got home. Monster reminded me a lot of a bar I went to the other night in Wisconsin to watch Ultimate Fighting. About 90 guys and maybe four or five girls packed the bar, and we were all sitting around watching massive TVs with the fight. I hadn't seen much Ultimate Fighting, but basically two guys come out dressed in boxer briefs and punch each other a couple times and then roll around, aggressively spooning each other on the mat. It's over when one fighter gets knocked out or 'submits'. The UFC announcers talk about things like how the fighters get sweaty and become slipperier in later rounds. The crowd in the New York bar was probably in better shape, but besides that you really wouldn't have been able to tell much of a difference.

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