Restaurant Confusion


You know how sometimes you're in a restaurant and you're like, "Oh hey, the guy in that room has the same shirt as me." Then you realized that there isn't another room and you're seeing a reflection of yourself in a mirror. It makes you feel kind of stupid, but that's a much better feeling than the times in restaurants where your very existence is called into question. It's rare, but today I thought, "Oh hey, there's a huge mirror here--Wait! Why can't I see my reflection?! Am I dead and don't know it?" Then it turned out there was another room and the place didn't have any big mirrors. It was kind of like the scene in Bladerunner where Decker realizes he might be a replicant, only, you know, the opposite. If you haven't seen Bladerunner I'm not sorry for ruining the end, that movie's about 30 years old.

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