Captcha: Human vs. Robot

It’s surprising things don’t break more often on the internet. After all, it’s made of billions of lines of code and run on computers around the world. Things should go wrong a lot more often. Though I suppose they do and I don’t always hear about it. One thing that went awry decades ago was the creation of Captcha, a tool website developers use to ensure that humans are interacting with their websites, as opposed to malignant bots bent on global destruction. Captcha is at best an inelegant solution to this problem, but that’s not what bothers me—what I hate most is that I can’t tell the difference between a 0 and an O or an I and a 1. So, for example, the Captcha “IR0NY” would drive me insane. And besides, if the robots ever do rise, I hope we’re working on a better defense than Captcha.

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