Passion for Dishwashing

I was looking into some freelance copywriting work for a company that has restaurants in airports, so I did five minutes of research on their site. I lost track of how many times they used the word "passion." It was built into every aspect of their brand from their core principles (1. Passion 2. Integrity 3. Something else) to their website map. Most of their job openings were for dishwashers. Maybe a few link cooks. It reminded me of the book The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. There's a scene where the protagonist Jake discusses the passion of certain bullfighters with his fellow aficionados. They agree this new bullfighter has the passion lacking in so many others. Bullfighters lack passion. These are guys who go into a tiny ring to battle a huge bull by waving around a tablecloth and fondue fork. And experts on the topic agree that some of them lack passion. I've never once worried about the passion level of the dishwasher. And more, I hope they don't have passion for washing dishes. That would be sad. I hope they see dishwashing as first step towards a real passion. And I hope whatever their passion is, it's not creating a brand position that demands so much passion of such meaningless tasks.

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