Relief Notes

I came home the other day and their was an envelope taped to my apartment's door handle. I thought, "Oh great." I'll elaborate: I assumed that my dog had been barking or crying all afternoon, and my new neighbors had written me a non-confrontational, anonymous note requesting that I please quiet my dog. So I unlocked the door, checked on the mutt, opened the letter, and relief washed over me. The note said, "Are you ready to welcome Jesus into your life?" and it came with some sort of pamphlet printed on newsprint and cut to fit into the envelope. I didn't bother looking at the pamphlet I was so relieved that I didn't have to worry about my dog. A few days later when I was throwing out mail and got to the pamphlet, I flipped through it, and whoever had left it hadn't put their name on it. Like I had thought, it was a non-confrontational, anonymous note, just as Jesus would have wanted, I guess?

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