How the Plague Really Spread

Everyone at my office is in various stages of the cold, flu, and some mysterious illness that caused so many headaches we thought there might be a radon leak in the building. I have a theory about how the illnesses rip through the office so quickly: the community treat table. People make cookies and cakes, or sometimes buy a box of donut holes and leave them on the table. Everyone grabs one as they walk past, and days later you can hear a chorus of coughs rising above the cubicle walls. In spite of this advance theory, I can't help myself to the treats. If I see them being put out, I'll run over and grab them right away to try to limit my exposure, but then after I have that one, I'm like...well, I already had one, I may as well have more. If someone in my office graphed illness on one axis and self-control on the other, I think they'd find a strong correlation.

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