Hey, I Saw You

My normal Saturday routine when my wife is out of town: dog walk, bike, food, and sitting down at a bar to read the paper by 2pm. The last time it happened I sat down with a beer and the paper in an empty bar and by the time I looked up it was dark out and the bar was wall-to-wall with people. If I didn't remember reading all those stories I would have thought it was time traveling bar. On my 15-foot walk from my barstool to the door I ran into my old boss. She said, "I thought that was you but you had your head down!" We caught up for a few minutes. It was good to hear from her, and I appreciated that she nabbed me to say hello. It reminded me of a few weeks prior when I'd noticed that one of my Foursquare friends was at the exact same bar I was as, but after glancing around and not seeing him, I walked out and wrote a note on his check-in: "Hey, saw you were there. Didn't see you! Hope you're well."

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