Where Did We Go Wrong

I live in one of those old buildings where you don't have control of your own thermostat. Since we have about 1,000 elderly neighbors who complain that the building is cold, our management keeps it at a steady 80°F. When you go outside and look up at the building, just about every other window is halfway open, even when the outside temps drop below zero. And since we're on 14th st and it's too loud to sleep with our window open, we have to run our A/C window unit all night. And since the "fan" setting our our A/C unit doesn't work, so we have run the actual air-conditioning. I'd call our management to fix it, but we signed our lease before they added a per-unit A/C surcharge, but if we get them changed, we have to begin paying that surcharge. So, we run our air conditioning in the middle of the night, all winter long. It's this kind of bureaucratic situation that I think about while lying awake in bed at night, listening to my A/C unit thunder way, and pondering what caused the downfalls of ancient civilizations.

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