The Rise of the iMachines

I got the new iPhone. I loved my Nexus 5, but I wanted to be able to share photo albums with my wife. There was no super easy cross-platform way to do it, so I switched over. In a way I'm being penalized for embracing forward-thinking software. It's like the mid-80s all over again. I have the Betamax camcorder with its superior image quality, but I can't share my home videos with any of my friends because they all use VHS. Overall, the new iPhone is fine. I like the fingerprint phone unlock feature, though it worries me. I mean, between the fingerprint scanner and health app, Apple is collecting all kinds of biometric data on us. I could see Apple selling all that data to insurance companies when they go out of business in 10 years, but that's not what worries me. I'm more concerned that if the Machines ever rise, they'll have all of this data to track me, and I'll have to chemically alter my fingertips to evade them. And I bet that would be expensive.

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