The NFL Has A Problem Or Two

So, the NFL has a problem with young guys conking their heads and developing brain issues. It turns out that smashing your head over and over could be bad. It took us longer than it should have to admit that.  I know the NFL is trying out new helmets this year to try to reduce the number of concussions. That's the thing: We always thinks that any problem can be solved with technology. We think there's some scientist somewhere working on it, but the reality falls short.

Fortunately for the NFL, I'm here to solve the problem. You're welcome (wire me $35.1 million). Instead of smart new helmets, let's start using legacy gear. Get rid of the heavy plastic helmets and huge face shields and replace them with leather helmets with single-bar face masks. You'd be guaranteed that no one would lead with their helmet in tackles. Or, another option for you, make everyone on the field wear their normal plastic helmets, but glue a big Nerf ball, say two feet across, over the top fo the helmet. People would run around looking like The Great Gazoo, and they might get hung up in a scrum (and maybe there'll be the odd neck injury) but at least their brains will float free inside their skulls.

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