Bike Shop Bets

During high school I worked at a bike shop where I'd spend at least one hour per shift walking around the gas station down the street buying huge cups of soda, Little Debbie snack cakes, lighters, and cappuccinos made by a plastic machine. One day, 12-packs of Barq's root beer were on sale for $3. I brought one back to the shop and boasted that I'd probably drink the whole thing that night. My boss, who once tried to pass a glove from the lost-and-found through our shop's laminator, bet me $5 that I couldn't do it. If you do the math, I'd come out $2 ahead on the deal if I won, though I might get very sick that afternoon or develop diabetes in the coming months or years. I thought it would be no problem at the time. Based on my research today, one can of Barq's contains 45 grams of sugar, so that 12-pack had 540 grams. There are 453 grams in a pound. Even though I only finished half of the 12-pack and hid the other half in the shop, I still drank enough to throw up in my mouth a few times, which even at the age of 16 was not worth the $2. Plus my boss found a few of the hidden cans over the years I worked there, and I always felt bad about bilking him out of the two bucks. Not bad enough to give them back, but bad all the same.

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