The Importance of Bowling

Bowling has change a lot, for me, over the years. It used to make me feel pathetic because I would get such a low score. Now it makes me feel pathetic because I'm sore the day after. In any case, I still try to go regularly. About once a year is ideal, I've found. In our post-collegiate years we once tried to start a bowling league. Very informal. Scores were not kept. It was after winter descended on the first season of our kickball league and we needed to find a new way to be social on a weekly basis while drinking beer. Bowling was the obvious fit. On the first night of that new league we agreed to meet at the bowling alley near our house. It was packed for a Thursday, which we learned was league night and hence closed to the public. The alley would not accept our league's credentials. So we ended up driving to another and another bowling alley. We'd been on the road for about a half-hour when I said to my friend Nate, "All I want is bowling, cocktails, and food." We rounded a corner and the next bowling alley came into view. It was one of those rare existential moments that only happens a few times in a life. When the universe lines up in a meaningful way. I saw the sign for the bowling alley. It said: "BOWLING, cocktails, food." Our league held together for about two months. Then my roommate Graham built a kegerator from old computer parts and plywood, and we gave up bowling.

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