What Size is That?

My wife and I do most of our shopping online, and we're both pretty challenged when it comes to liquid measurements. "...is 300 ounces a lot? How many liters is a normal shampoo bottle?"I wish that websites would have some sort of size standard, like every product in their drugstore section would be pictured next to a dollar bill so you could get an idea of its real size before buying. Because otherwise I end up doing the math and find out that it's cheaper to buy the big, big bottle of shampoo, and then when it arrives it turns out to be a barrel-sized bottle, likely intended for window-display-only purposes, created at a scale large enough that cars driving past at 40mph will be able to read the fine print from the road. Then we keep it anyway and I tear my rotator cuff trying to open it in the shower, where it stays for two years and then when I finally throw it away I find a bunch of mold at the bottom. 

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