Well, I'm Out of Ideas (Good Timing)

The posts I've been filing here every day for the last seven or so years have been content that I've used on a daily email for SteepandCheap.com. This Friday is my last day writing those emails.

So, this week I'm digging into the archives and picking some of my favorites. Today's hails from August 7, 2007. It might surprise you to know that the man in this story is still alive. And he's thriving, in his own way. He's moved back into a house next to the one where this took place. He's in college again. He has a bunch of 20-year-old roommates. Throws keggers. And we all make fun of him.

Squirrel Stash

My friend Rob once saw a squirrel break into his house. It must have climbed in through a screenless window or possibly a missing door knowing the state of that old house. He watched it climb onto the kitchen counter and grab an Oreo before dashing outside. Instead of shoring up the place it snuck out, he followed the little bastard. It ran through the neighborhood to someone's backyard where it dug a hole and stashed the Oreo. He waited until it left, then dug up the Oreo and took it back. I'm not sure if he ate the Oreo, but the extraordinary thing to me is that after digging it up, he also took the nuts it had in the same stash. That poor squirrel must have been really confused when it went back to its hiding place for the Oreo and mixed nuts.