The Long Goodbye

This is my last week filing my Daily Dose emails, so this is the week in retrospect. And this story hails from December 19, 2006. If anyone's been reading each email each day since then, then it's as if you and I have spent about two full days together (based on my back-of-the-envelope math). And, I'm sure you'll remember that this was the very first Daily Dose that had nothing to do with what was on sale on SteepandCheap. I thought my boss would complain, but I'm quite certain that she'd stopped reading them by then. (The parenthetical notes below are mine from today.)

It's Like Taking All the Pills in your Daily Dose at Once

The movie One Crazy Summer directed by Savage Steve Holland (still alive) was on TV today while I worked (What! Where was I working?! Probably a ski shop that's now out of business). I saw it when I was young, but without seeing Better Off Dead first, its significance was lost on me (that last line makes no sense). John Cusack plays Hoops McCann while Demi Moore fills out the female lead as a woman who needs to raise $3000 to save her grandpa's house (Hollywood would reuse this story once or twice). Cusack and Bobcat Goldthwait help her out, while a young Jeremy Piven is allied against her. Piven's role is the most interesting. Later in his career he plays a slacker who needs to raise money to save his frat house from a rival frat in PCU, and then in Old School (which I watched on TV two days ago) he comes full circle and plays the dean trying to close Luke Wilson's frat house. It's kind of like a young Mathew Broderick playing Ferris, and then returning to high school to play Ed Rooney to Reese Witherspoon in Election. Such is the circle of life.